Odoo and finance expertise in 3 countries

Odoo ERP Integration

Odoo is more than an ERP. Odoo is a business apps platform including among others CRM, Sales, Purchase, Finance, MRP, Project Management, HR, Timesheet management, Warehouse modules.

Odoo/ERP development

We will provide customized solutions for enterprises based on their own needs. With the help of automated workflow management system, the ERP system can achieve execution, monitor production progress so as to boost work efficiency. 

Outsourced CFO/CIO/ Financial Task Force

Management, organization, support, and training of your financial department, build the financial team and provide strategic recommendations, Perform audits on business processes and the financial health of your company.


Use the easiest way to design the website you need. E-commerce and website can be smoothly integrated into your data management system. In this way, each piece of information from your website will automatically be integrated into your ERP.

Why Choose Falinwa?

We never stop growing!

We have developed more than 80 modules for diverse industries. Our broad experience allows us to resolve recurring problems that occur across industry sectors without reinventing the wheel each time.

Our core business is not limited to information systems it includes finance, manufacturing management (organization of factories, data, processes). A client’s needs may evolve, it’s inevitable. Whatever the reason for an increase in costs, our technical team in Indonesia allows us to limit the impact on the budget to a strict minimum.

We can provide a complete POS solution with the tactile screen, thermic printer, cash drawer and mobile devices synchronized in real time.

We specialize in Odoo


We are an Odoo gold partner

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Falinwa's workflow

In Falinwa, we follow strict procedures and provide the high-quality solution.


Functional business and financial consultants analyze your needs and answer your questions.

Project scope

We agree on the project’s scope, which modules bring the most added value, which one needs to be developed.

install module

For big projects, we ship progressively using priorities; For any projects, you can usually get started within a few days.

database test

We add more features over time, everything is modular and can be added to your production server as we go.


After testing and correction, we deliver the final version and train your team to use it. Our goal is to make sure knowledge is transferred to the client.

technical support

We offer "learn and go" courses that explain how to use it; After the implementation of Odoo system, we still offer technical support services.




Falinwa assisted HPS Asia division to organize finance, production, and business since 2011. After 5 years of collaboration, this division is now both well organized and profitable. Falinwa provided a full range of support services to HPS in order for them to focus on their core business: sell and produce cylinder. Our mission of Outsourced finance and information system direction include finance, ERP integration and improvement, human resources, strategy, business intelligence.


EUROCAVE ERARD CHINA LIMITED (EEC) is a subsidiary of EUROCAVE ERARD ASIA LIMITED (EEA). EEC is a factory, producing various products like mini wine cabinets, TV stands, brackets and other accessories. EEA is a trading company in Hong Kong. Falinwa worked with EEA/EEC for more than 3 years and fixed thousands of issues for them, we started with tax declaration/ bookkeeping since the company’s creation, and now manage their whole finance department.


Gleize Energie and CAM Energie Service are in the renewable energy and sustainable building industry. Falinwa proposed local consulting support both for an Odoo integration but also for their organization and business processes combined with offshore development. We were responsible for technical and functional specifications, testing, project management, project communication, liaison between users and management, change management and training of key users.